Are you looking for a new WordPress website? Do you have an existing WordPress website and need some work done? Have a look at the services we offer and get in touch with us for your free, no-obligation project review.

Install and Setup

It’s pretty straight-forward, we install and setup WordPress, your WordPress theme, and any recommended/needed plugins for you.

Theme/Plugin Research

Picking the proper WordPress theme can be critical to your project. You want something that’s powerful enough for all your needs while still allowing your site to grow, and being flexible enough to make easy changes.


We consult on all things WordPress. Before you begin your project, or even during it, let us help guide you in the right direction. It’s our goal to make sure you’re heading down the right path.


We can train you how to work with WordPress (core), your theme, and the plugins you have installed – even if any are custom to your setup. Great option if you’re updating and maintaining your WordPress site yourself.

Child Themes

If you’re running a WordPress website with any theme customizations, you should be using a child theme. If not, you run the risk of losing your custom features if you update your theme. We can help.

Custom Themes

Custom themes are great when you need a specific look, feel, and features that you just can’t get with a pre-made theme. While the cost and maintenance of this option is more, you can’t beat the results.

Conversions to WordPress

If you have an existing website or even a design idea in mind, we can use that to create a custom WordPress theme. Typically we’re converting from PSD to WordPress, but can do more, just ask!

Custom Plugins

With thousands of plugins for WordPress there may be a time when we can’t find something that meets your every need. In cases like that, let us custom code a plugin that works the way you need it to.


We’ve changed the way we handle our Backup and Maintenance Plans. We no longer offer bundled packages!

Backup and Maintenance Plans

Why did you do this?

It’s simple. We were finding that the majority of our clients were not utilizing parts of their plan. By moving in a new direction we could save most of clients some money. And in the case of some clients – they’re actually getting more for the same price they were paying!

Do you still offer Backup and Maintenance?

Yes, we still offer both backups and maintenance plans – but the plans are now tailored to your needs. We work with you to identify what your needs are, what budget you’re working with, and put together a plan that makes sense for you.